The Magnificence Of A Man…

Published January 31, 2014 by Jamie Barone
In an effort to stop male bashing–to lift boys and men to the magnificence that they truly are.
From my heart to yours.
While it’s well known how difficult it is to be a woman in this world, what we neglect and ignore is how truly difficult it is for a man. He has many burdens… many… burdens… He needs a safe place to lay his weary head and heart.
Men are often accused of having walls up around their heart, of not being open enough, and yet, they have had the inbred task since the beginning of time of being our ‘Mighty Warriors in Armor.’ They have been inbred to be our protectors, our providers, our strength, our power, our decision-makers, our problem solvers, among much else. Many spend their entire life desperately trying to “live up to” what society has made them believe they should ‘be’, regardless of who they are as an individual human-being.
They are pressured to live up to “expectations” in every area; that of money, power, prowess, status, material possessions, and yes, even having a beautiful woman on his arm. Men are far more pressured than we may realize. In fact, I find it interesting that it is we women who have raised these boys since the beginning of time to be all of these things, and then we complain when a grown man becomes just this. He knows not how to be anything else. Regardless of who he is authentically in his heart, society says he needs to be something quite different. Talk about burdens and continuous inner conflict!
In this “quest”, many men lose sight of their own lifelong dreams and longings, wishes and desires, trying to “fulfill” that “man place” in this world and in our lives. They truly need a safe place to land, a safe place to Love, a safe place to be vulnerable, to be human. Each and every one of them still have that sweet, precious, vulnerable little boy living on the inside of them – and we forget this, do we not? A man’s beautiful dreams should never go unlived. He is worthy… he is of value to our planet and to our lives, each in his own special, unique way, with his unique gifts and talents. We should do all we can to encourage, support and lift up the men in our lives.
Many, many men ‘long to be Loved’ – to feel completely safe and accepted for who he truly is in every part of his human-ness – the freedom to be completely open and unguarded. To be Loved Unconditionally. Many men don’t even realize this longing until real Love arrives, only to be uncertain how to receive it, uncertain of how to suddenly tear down those walls they have been taught to build. We as women can do much to be a safe place for the beautiful man in our lives.
Pure Unconditional Love: It’s something that we ALL long for. Every man needs to know that he is safe, that he is truly Loved and fully accepted.
May we remember this daily, and keep a heart full of compassion.
P.S. Please know that this does not mean allowing ourselves to be mistreated or abused.

7 comments on “The Magnificence Of A Man…

    • Aw, thank you. It’s my pleasure. And please be easy on yourself, when we know better we do better. What really helps me through moments of regret is understanding that each moment of my life has brought me to the awareness that I am at today. I see each and every experience as my teacher, bringing to me very valuable opportunities to learn and grow in beautiful ways… and yes, even those deeply painful experiences. So please go easy on yourself. You might consider trying this beautiful healing meditation: close your eyes and envision those you feel you’ve hurt, and those who have hurt you… now, send Love to them from your heart, and anything else you wish, and please include self-forgiveness. Again, we do better when we know better. Much Love to you…

  • Noted your interest to act as a helper for A to Z. I’d be happy to have someone with your background on my team. If interested please contact me at jacksonlee51 (at) aol (dot) com.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

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