Libertà di godere …

Published February 2, 2014 by Jamie Barone

Just a li’l freedom fact: “Pasta doesn’t make us fat. How much pasta we eat makes us fat. -Giada De Laurentiis

I happen to live mostly on Italian food, and while I’ve admittedly bought into the “eat this and not that” mentality in the past, I’ve learned that enJOYing foods we Love is a beautiful thing.

It’s when we overdo it, when we use food to stuff our emotions, or to fill moments of boredom, or even as a tool to subconsciously hurt our bodies in expression of self-hate or unworthiness, that it begins to affect us in negative ways.

I have found that when we overeat anything (and yes, even healthy foods can be binged on), it is always a symptom of a wound being medicated with food. We can find many other, healthy, ways to heal any such wound.

In fact, while it’s important to eat healthy and in moderation, we need not ever deprive ourselves. And, when we truly Love ourselves, we treat our bodies with respect, in ALL ways, and this includes how we feed and nourish these precious, beautiful vessels.

So please, no deprivation (yikes!), simply enJOY the wonderful meals that delight your taste buds and be grateful for the delicious tastes, textures, and scents, that bring feelings of warmth, comfort, and moments of bliss. And better yet, sit at the table with your family and make supper time a time of pure family enjoyment, talking, sharing, laughing, and making those beautiful memories that truly make a difference in our lives (and please remember, this is never a time to bring up sore-spots or family issues).




5 comments on “Libertà di godere …

    • Thank YOU, Kim! And yes, I’m sure this may resonate with many, as it’s something we’ve all dealt with at some point in our lives. Thanks for stopping by, it’s wonderful to have you here. =)

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