Published February 2, 2014 by Jamie Barone

Contentment with what I have has not ever seemed to be an issue for me, perhaps because I am not quite so attached to material things; although I do have dreams, desires and goals, they too are things that I choose to have no attachment to, especially concerning specific outcomes. These things do not define me. I do what I can, take each step ‘as I can’, one step at a time and allow God/Universe to deliver the timing and the way that it comes to me.

However, who or how I am seems to be more what I have struggled with at times in my life. Finding that confidence within me, letting go of all past negative messages from others and this world that have been instilled in me about the way I am, who I am, or, who I should be. This is definitely a work in progress in me.

I only share this because, having a public page like mine, it is very important to me that others know I am real… that I struggle with the same issues we all do.

It’s easy to post unending positive messages and appear that we have it all together, but in truth, we are ALL a work in progress and we are ALL on our own journey of enlightenment. We are ALL enlightened beings… we are just trying to find our way back home.



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