I Love You…

Published February 3, 2014 by Jamie Barone

loooI am often asked how I am able to say with sincerity that I Love everyone. Well, in truth, I’m not sure how to answer this question. I have always, throughout my entire life, sincerely felt Love for everyone. Now, this does not mean that I always like the behaviors of others, or even that I like every personality out there, or that I don’t have to sometimes Love from a distance those who would bring harm or toxicity into my life, but, there is something magnificent about seeing our connectedness.

During times when I do see a behavior or personality that just does not resonate with me, I am still able to see the beautiful soul beneath it. I am able to look at anyone and see the precious baby they once were, the pains and sufferings that molded them throughout their life experience, the conscious or unconsciousness of their current perspective, including my own, and beyond that, I see the soul that came here to experience life, just as I did. That beautiful soul… is connected to my soul… and to your soul.

Yes, we are all connected (whether or not we like this idea). You are a part of me and I am a part of you. We are one unending soul family.

You know… there is a lot of talk out there about the importance of Self-Love, and how, when we do not fully Love ourself, we are then unable to Love others… and, while this does feel true to me, what also feels inherently true to me is that when we are unable to authentically Love others, we are denying Loving a part of ourselves… because (let’s say it together!), “we are ALL connected.”

Could we sincerely Love our entire body, but, not our arm or leg? Would it be honest to say that we can truly Love some parts of ourself, yet hate the other parts? In not Loving part of us, are we truly able to authentically Love the rest? We are one large body, you and I, with many parts.

Loving is always a choice… 

So, not Loving you would mean that I would not be Loving some part of me.  It’s not something I have to think about… it’s just something I feel. It’s who I am. And, if I am Love, then how can I not Love everyone? It’s what Love doesit Loves. It’s what I am and it’s what you are (whether or not we remember). Love. Love cannot not-Love.

It’s not hard for me to Love you… no it’s not a difficult thing… 

And, I truly, truly Love you ALL.



7 comments on “I Love You…

  • Found it! Love Love Love this blog entry and wanted to thank you for being the part of me that wrote it. 😉 I have the same sense of admiration for the immense Souls I meet, even when they haven’t quite figured out how to embody that greatness (none of us has, really, though some are a little more Here than others).

    All we can keep do is Loving … and that goes way beyond even Liking … it is simply remembering this that you have expressed so beautifully here.

    I love you Divine Jamie … I so see & feel the connection! Shining Sor’a

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