Cherish Each Moment…

Published February 10, 2014 by Jamie Barone

timeIt’s interesting how time goes by so fast, and yet, in all the business and hustle-and-bustle of everyday life we tend to not realize just how precious our moments here on earth are… that is, until the years have passed and gone. It is then when we tend to look back and wish we had relished in each moment more deeply, more beautifully, more Lovingly. 

I am truly grateful for each and every moment of my life, yes even the deeply painful moments, as each moment has brought to me the most beautiful growth imaginable, and wisdom beyond comprehension. Yes, I am indeed truly grateful.

My wish for each of you is this: 

* Please always remember to live in the moment–not in a past which no longer exists, and not in the future, as it does not ‘yet’ exist.

* To live with no regrets. 

* To see that there are no mistakes, only lessons and growth. 

* To forgive any and all who have hurt you, no matter how deeply or intentionally… you see, this is not just for them, but for you – it will free you and will keep your heart beautiful and pure. 

* To always be aware of your actions and words upon yourself, others, and our world. You see, we cannot hurt or harm another without hurting ourselves… ever.

* To be proud of yourself for every step you take in the direction of your dreams, no matter how far off they seem to be in the moment. Do not listen to the opinions of others, as they are not here to travel your soul’s life journey, you are… only you. And take time to listen to the whisper of your beautiful soul… it will not lead you astray.

*And please, never let harsh or hurt feelings have the power to replace the Love in your beautiful heart with hate. 

* And, always make sure to tell those who you Love, that you do Love and cherish them, each and every day of your life. How can we possibly go wrong in that! 



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