Published February 13, 2014 by Jamie Barone

By Jamie Barone

chaChanging the way “we feel” cannot come from anything or anyone outside of us. We can spend an entire lifetime trying to control others and our circumstances, needing them to conform to “our feelings and beliefs,” and our “how life should be” in order for us to “feel good,” but this is just temporary, very superficial, and very short lived . We would need to constantly be on top of controlling the actions, words, beliefs, opinions, etc., of others and situations in order to “feel okay.” We would constantly need others to agree with us or see things “our way” in order for us to “feel okay.”

Whew… I’m feeling exhausted at the mere thought of living life in this way.

What a emotional roller-coaster this would be, and what a life of manipulation and conditions. What a very painful and lonely inner-life this would be.

We can only truly change the way we feel inside when we surrender the need to control and conform others to our own “feelings and beliefs.”

The only way to authentically change our feelings is by changing “ourselves,” not others, not circumstances… only us. It starts with changing our thoughts (which always precede our feelings), our perceptions, healing wounds, coming from a place of Love rather than harsh judgement and criticism.

This is the ultimate surrender and the ultimate life-saver. Happiness can truly only come from within.

I’ll say it again… Happiness can truly only come from within. We are in complete control of our own happiness or unhappiness. Let us not give that power away to others and our world. 



3 comments on “Feelings…

  • So very true. And it takes practice to get to that point. It’s very similar to The Work by Byron Katie, who I love. You’re on my love list too Jamie! ❤

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