Published February 16, 2014 by Jamie Barone

By Jamie Baronewee

I recently had a conversation with someone who believes very strongly that it is a “man’s job to make a woman fall for him,” no matter how long it takes or how she presently feels about him. And that men have been doing this since the beginning of time, so, “it’s simply what ‘men’ do.” Well, I am here to give a woman’s perspective on this… (Okay, okay… my perspective.)

When someone is trying to “win” you over, they’re not being sincere. They’re speaking and behaving in ways which support their intent to “win you over”, to make you feel how “they want” you to feel, by trying to coerce your feelings, and that’s just not right. It is not real, and it is definitely not Love.

There are important reasons why we are attracted to and fall in Love with some people and not others. This can’t be forced, and I don’t believe in going against nature, in romance or in general. I want someone who feels for me naturally as time allows feelings to grow, not someone who is trying to manipulate my feelings in any way. I want someone who is real, honest, true; we are not prizes to be won, we are treasures to be respected and honored.

Love is not a game. We do not win or lose in Love. We simply Love. We do not Love to be Loved in return. We simply Love…

We simply Love… 




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