Loving From A Distance…

Published March 3, 2014 by Jamie Barone

There are times in our lives when our greatest lesson in Self-Love means that we sometimes must Love another from a distance. That we deal with them from a place of sincere Love, yet, we also understand that we no longer allow mistreatment or toxicity into our lives. Loving does not always mean allowing another to remain in our life.

music-love-heart-notesWe truly cannot change other people. And, every relationship must bring two willing, honest participants to the ship. We cannot coerce another to be anything they are not, or to feel any way they do not feel. We can do our part, and learn to walk away when it would be toxic to our very being and our life not to.

This is a very important lesson I am still learning. And yes, it seems that the Universe is providing me with the necessary experiences to learn just this.

Thank you, Beautiful Universe… and as I’ve always said ‘Uni-Verse, meaning One-Song… I LOVE that!‘ We, are each vibrating to a different tune (Energetic Frequency) and are all playing a most beautiful symphony together. If we simply stop and listen, we will hear a most beautiful sound. And, while not all notes can reside in the same melody, we are all none-the-less connected and each have a very important part to play. One being no less important than another.

Yes, sometimes… we must Love from a distance.


By Jamie Barone


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