Published March 21, 2014 by Jamie Barone


Life can be so beautiful… and people can be so beautiful, too. It’s when Judgement comes into play that it seems to truly mess things up and create such hurt and potential harm. It sneaks in like a thief… it is the ego’s tool and ego uses it well… it hides within the shadows of personal perception. My oh my…

Judgement can be a sneaky little critter–it’s what the ego uses to destroy. And it doesn’t need a trial, it is ready to slam that gavel without question. It is rarely used for good. The ego is a liar and will use whatever means it needs to “win,” to stay on top. It so Loves to use our limited and narrow perceptions, which are always tainted by our personal life experiences and wounds, to do it’s dirty work. And please make no mistake about it, it performs these duties well! Yes… ego is a master at its game.

Ego will take ANYTHING and use it for it’s purposes.

Its goal is to tear down anything that makes it feel threatened in some way, whether or not we are aware of this. It needs to beat it’s chest proclaiming “I AM EGO!” Oh yes… it uses Judgment well. It builds itself on anything it can. It could be something or someone that reminds you of all the things you dislike, or anything even resembling your past hurts or memories despised. It can be anything that is not in alignment with where you are in the moment, and ego will need to take control in a way that allows the beating of it’s chest, after all, it needs to remain on top. And, it could be ‘anything’ that you see reflecting back to you which makes you cringe.

Though, ego is a part of our human experience, it cannot stand spirit or anything that comes from spirit, it cringes in it’s presence. It can pretend it does. It can even play tricks on it’s owner. Remember, ego is a liar. It sees not through the eyes of a beautiful soul, but through the eyes of arrogance and the need for power. In fact, ego will often project itself onto others in the most clever way. It needs to remain connected to “like-energy” in order to survive. Anything that is not resonating with it, will find itself in the path of ego’s destruction. It will repel anything that does not resonate with it… it’s not a matter of if, but when… and worse… how.

It must have power. And it uses ‘Judgement without trial’ in order to obtain and retain it.

It helps to understand that our personal perceptions, the ‘way’ that we judge, are always based in what is coming from inside of us.

I very recently had someone tell me that they felt that I needed to have them push the buttons on my ego (justification for a humiliating and hurtful situation)… and at first this felt shocking and hurtful, I mean, I couldn’t understand how someone would feel it is their job to try and knock another’s ego down a notch, or to even be Judge! Then, after meditating and praying, I understood… “only ego” would feel or do such a thing. Only an ego would ever feel the need to push the buttons of another ego, to knock another down a notch. Only ego would give such direction.

This understanding can truly help in the area of forgiveness and in authentically Loving those who wrongly perceive and judge you.

Yes, ego is a sneaky little critter.

And may we please be careful of slamming down that gavel with anyone, especially in ways that are hurtful to others. It may not be another ego we are hurting, but a beautiful spirit.


© Jamie Barone


One comment on “Ego…

  • Great post and very thought-provoking. It’s so easy to judge without meaning to also. I’ve often wondered what the line was between judgement and observation and someone once told me that if an opinion is tacked on to that observation it then becomes judgement. Judgment and ego are dangerous twins for sure . Thanks for posting!

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