Published March 27, 2014 by Jamie Barone

trrA genuine and simple “I am sorry” and “thank you” seem to mean a lot to me, personally… both when I express it and when it is expressed to me. I can’t help but to notice lately that these words do not come easily to so many. More and more these days, people seem unable to express a simple “I am sorry” or “thank you,” when it would be such a beautiful expression of care, of Love, of kindness, and, even healing is borne of these beautiful expressions.

I am sorry.

Thank you.

These feel to be so easily expressed, and yet, for some, so difficult when ego, pride, entitlement, and much else come into play.

When we say to someone “I am sorry,” it can come from understanding that we have behaved in a way that has caused someone hurt, whether or not we believe we have done something “wrong.” A genuine apology borne out of the care of another person and in how they are hurting is truly humbling and profoundly healing. This to me shows a most authentically beautiful heart.

And, a simple “thank you” feels to be a wonderful gift when someone blesses us in some way. There seems to be so much entitlement these days that we can gift another from a very special place in our heart and never even hear a thank you. This does not mean that we gift in order to receive, as that would no longer be a gift, but an expensive price tag. It only means that one’s lack of gratitude is revealed in the receiving, and, wouldn’t it be wonderful to express gratitude for such blessings in our lives?

Perhaps we can all be reminded of how beautiful and how healing, and how life changing a simple “I am sorry” and “thank you” can be.


© Jamie Barone


2 comments on “Healing…

  • Hello from a fellow A to Z participant. I agree with you. I also think that saying “I’m Sorry” and “thank you” can make the world a better place. Sometimes thank you comes easier to me than I’m sorry…. but I’m working on it and am getting better. Have a great day.

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