Published April 1, 2014 by Jamie Barone

Welcome to the A-Z Challenge. I will begin posting daily in the order of the alphabet. I have chosen Authentic Love for my theme. And as an A-Z Challenge Ambassador, I welcome you and look forward to stopping by and reading your masterpieces daily. EnJOY!

atlAs I, Jamie Barone, live my life walking with the Angels and holding hands with God, I am committed to living with Authenticity.

I am committed to living with integrity. To be who I profess to be. To live what I profess to live.

I am committed to living without ever having to defend myself or my truth, but to know that all is before God/Universe, and all truth will be revealed in due time. 

I shall remain fully in Peace. Even in moments of despair.

I am committed to living with a completely open heart, regardless of any experience I endure in this lifetime. Only with a fully open heart is one truly able to give or receive pure Love.

I am committed to only Loving… only Loving… even when this means Loving from a distance someone who is not safe or healthy to keep in my life. And this includes only Loving myself as well.

I am committed to standing up for any and all injustice that I am aware of on this planet in any way that I am able.

I am committed to doing what I can to help even one person each day with something… something… no matter how small.


© Jamie Barone


11 comments on “Authenticity…

  • It’s great to hear your beautiful voice Jamie! I love your authenticity and am in awe of your capacity to love. Great Emerson quote to go along with your great post! ❤

  • Sometimes it’s hardest to love/forgive ourselves. But as the saying goes, “God doesn’t make junk.” or, we are all children of a loving God and have the spark of divine within us.

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