Courage (Self-Love)…

Published April 4, 2014 by Jamie Barone

This is for anyone who has suffered through the damage of abuse. Please know that you are worthy – you are valuable – you are beautiful. You have more strength than you can even comprehend. You are a Mighty Warrior!! You deserve so much better. You have a beautiful life awaiting you… keep walking… one step at a time… and you will walk right into your most beautiful life. And always remember, you are never ever alone!!  I promise.

couragHis cold afflictive words
Chills me to the bone.
The pleasure in his eyes,
Pleased with what he’s done.

My tear stained face
So swollen and tender.
My heart so deeply aches,
He is the great pretender.

I long for days and nights
Filled with comfort and delight.
I long for sweet Loving words
And for safety in being heard.

The damage that is done
Has only just begun,
As the cruelty just goes on,
And on… and on…

Trying to escape,
Frightening to say the least,
Searching deep inside for courage
To flee this brutal beast.

The mental chains that bind,
He so carefully locked with key.
On my knees pleading, God,
Please… please help me…

One small step at a time
The courage finally comes.
Thanking God for the strength inside
That warms me like the sun.

I hold my head up high,
Escape is finally near.
My heart is finally beating now,
My way appearing clearer.

Moving forward in my life,
Having finally caught my breath
This world is truly beautiful,
I have so much life to live…

I have so much life to live…

© Jamie Barone


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