Ethereal Kiss…

Published April 6, 2014 by Jamie Barone

Is anyone feeling Romance in the air?

eretheal kiss~ The Ethereal Kiss ~

As I lay down my weary head 
And gently close my eyes,
I find myself falling away,
Slowly… slowly
To a magical place,
A place where our deepest longings
And truest desires come to life.

In the misty distance
I see your face, so Beautiful to behold,
Bronzed by the sun, chiseled and glistening
Like the finest of gold.
With the magnetic pull of your Alluring eyes,
I transcend to this Heavenly Paradise.

As we move nearer to each other
With the sweetness of your breath upon mine,
I melt in your embrace.
I am lost in your eyes
As we delightfully intertwine.
Pure ecstasy,
Taking us to the Divine.

Sheltered by your Love,
Our lips begin to touch
Mmmm… your luscious lips so soft and moist,
Your tongue so tenderly caressing mine,
Like the taste of pure honey,
The sweetest nectar one can find.

This ethereal Kiss is truly sublime…

©Jamie Barone


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