Published April 9, 2014 by Jamie Barone

braceGrace… Gosh, so many stones being thrown when we see someone behaving in ways that are an obvious cry for help, an obvious “looking for Love and trying to fill up an empty space in all the wrong ways and places.” Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we would ALL stop trashing others (whether they are in the media or in our own lives), if we ALL might realize that not one of us can cast that first stone, and, that we ALL have large planks in our own eyes to work on…

What we focus on grows… when we see someone behaving in a bizarre manner, is it not clear that they are deeply hurting? Is it not clear that they are needing Love? If that was your precious child, or someone who you truly Love, would you trash them? Would you belittle and ridicule them? Would you publicly humiliate them and speak badly about them to anyone who dares to listen? Or would you reach out and hold them close and Love them deeply? Would you reach out and ask others to send Love and blessings and prayers for this beautiful precious child?

When we are able to meet others with compassion, rather than trashing them… when we are able to close our eyes and sincerely send authentic Love to them, and embrace them, with sincerity, truly caring to heal their brokenness… when we are able to see that they are one of us – not to be trashed and bashed, but to be taken in and held and Loved… THIS is when our world will change. THIS is when the brokenness of others will begin to heal.

Please… just… think about it.

Thank You.


©Jamie Barone


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