Honoring our Attitude…

Published April 10, 2014 by Jamie Barone

honnIf I could gift only one message from my heart to our world, it would be this: No matter what we have experienced in our life, no matter how wonderful, or, how horrific, no matter what, none of it determines our attitude or who we choose to be. 

No person or experience has power over us to take away our choice of attitude and heart condition. Our attitude comes from within. Always and only from within.

‘We get to choose’ Love or hate, compassion or bitterness, forgiveness or unforgiveness, gentleness or hardness, trust or distrust… and the list goes on.

Not one of us walks away from this life-journey unscathed, with lessons to learn and experiences to grow us… we are all in this together. When we realize this, we understand that we are a collective soul team, that we are never alone, we are truly Divinely Loved, and we are more powerful than imagined.

Our life experiences do NOT determine our attitude and heart condition. It is always our choice. Always.


That, in a nutshell, would be my message. 


By Jamie Barone


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