Published April 11, 2014 by Jamie Barone

If we carry bricks from our past relationship(s) to the new one, we will simply build the same house… 

So often, men and women alike, wait until they have someone waiting in the wings before they finally leave a relationship they no longer want. It’s often out of a fear of being alone, and/or ciubeing unable to tap into that courage that we all posses. Yet, before jumping from one relationship right into another, let us think about doing all we can to first heal any wounds that need healing before entering in to a new relationship. Any wounds we incur from a painful relationship will simply make a grand appearance, sooner or later, in the new one. We don’t leave our baggage behind, we drag it with us – until we stop, open it up, take a good honest look, and clean it up, which takes time, effort, and awareness.

Going from one relationship to another without self-care/self-Love, and time alone in-between relationships to heal, to grow, spending time alone getting to know ourselves without the influence of another person or relationship commitment, may be necessary if we wish *not* to “repeat” our relationship history. This is especially important when we have children. It is not in their hearts best interest to see mommy or daddy going straight to another person–whether or not they say so, this affects them deeply as well. Children grieve the loss of all they know, even when it is a painful environment. Children need time to heal, too.

When we heal the wounds from our past, it changes everything–from how we react/respond, to how capable we are of truly Loving another, to how able we are to forgiving others–on and on it goes. This list of magic never ends. And truly… it can create the most Beautiful, magical, Love relationship ever even imagined.

Please, just think about it. It’s worth thinking about.


By Jamie Barone


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