Published April 22, 2014 by Jamie Barone

“It is not necessary to isolate children and withdraw our love to teach them how to “behave”. In fact, it is entirely possible to help children learn to be cooperative and decent members of society without ever issuing punishments, rewards, or artificial consequences of any kind. No quick and easy method will solve every conflict. Instead, we need to treat each situation as the unique challenge that it is, and try to be flexible and creative, all the while giving our children the love and respect they deserve.”

-Aletha Solter

puI absolutely believe in this… wholeheartedly. I live this and find that there is never a need for punishment in order to teach, in order for a child to learn, in order to turn a behavior around. In fact, children LOVE when we take the time to gently teach them and help them to learn new ways of handling situations, new ways of handling their emotions – it empowers them in a most wonderful way – it lifts them up, rather than tear them down – it fills them with hope and healthy self-esteem, rather than shame and condemnation. They SO LOVE to please us and make us proud… and they SO LOVE to learn and to become empowered. And more importantly, they Love to give and receive LOVE like no other being on this planet. Punishment does not teach anything… other than… well… punishment.



By Jamie Barone


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