Real Love…

Published April 26, 2014 by Jamie Barone

rl~ Real Love ~

Could you Love me
If I were different than you,
If my thoughts and feelings
Left much to understand?

Could you Love me,
Making no demands,
Allowing me to be
Exactly who I am?

Would you Love me
In the darkest night,
When life’s storms come crashing in,
And filling me with fright?

Could you hold me
If I asked you to?
Or would you be too busy,
Always so much to do?

Could you kiss me – so tenderly
If my face were no longer pretty?
Or would you feel the need to hide
Behind those beautiful blue eyes?

Could you Love me
When I let you down,
Or would you walk away
Tossing my heart on the ground?

Could you Love me
Till the end of time,
Or would your heart grow weary
Of Loving mine?

© Jamie Barone


2 comments on “Real Love…

  • That’s really nice. Sad, but nice. We’ve all asked those questions though. We know it’s the right one when we don’t have to ask those questions and we just know for sure…

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