Published June 11, 2014 by Jamie Barone

all about perspectiveHow we see things, as you know, is all about perspective. And the way in which we see things, the way we personally interpret them, is always about what is inside of us and not about the other person, thing, or situation we are perceiving.

Our personal perceptions are born out of the sum total of our life experiences, our feelings of confidence or inadequacy, our feelings of security or fear, of our need to control outcomes or people (which is fear based) or of feelings of inner-peace and surrender… and the list goes on. Perception is always an inside job.

Isn’t that wonderful to know?

Changing our perceptions is profoundly life changing. Yes indeed, changing the way we see things, truly does change everything!

If we wish to change our perceptions, we needn’t change anything outside of us, it all has to happen on the inside of ‘us’, we simply work on our inner-selves; we heal that which needs healing (and we ALL have wounds requiring healing, not one of us escapes this), we open our hearts to the unending possibilities of our magnificent Universe, and we surrender our need to control. We learn to change our ‘thoughts’ which will change our ‘feelings’, which will change the way we view life, people, intentions, situations, our world. Truly. We learn to ‘let go’ of all that we cling so tightly to.


P.S. That said, even this post is simply my personal perspective and is open to change as I continue to evolve. 😉


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