What Is My Name?

Published August 13, 2014 by Jamie Barone

doeHello… hello… is anyone there?
Does anyone care?

Can you see me?
I am the face of despair.
I hide beneath these twinkling eyes
As I wonder who would care.

My Loves…
Can you hear me?
I am the voice of sadness.
I quietly hover beneath
The laughter and the madness.

Would somebody please hold me?
I outstretch my arms to you.
Or can this world never stop its scolding
And finally possess a Love that is true?

Life a thief in the night…
Darkness came to steal my light.
Quiet and afraid, as I sit all alone,
In a room that once held happiness,
I now feel only doom.

As this darkness overtakes me,
I can no longer find my way.
My reasons to live escape me.
And now death is my only solace.
‘Tis my only saving grace.

Hello… hello… is anyone there?
Can anyone care?

© Jamie Barone – 2014

In Loving Memory to all who lost their lives to the unrelenting, unbearable darkness.
I Love You.


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