Let Us Grieve…

Published January 12, 2017 by Jamie Barone

gothic-1629448_960_720Our New President of the United States of America. Let us grieve…

Please bear with me here… This is spoken from a place of Love and compassion for all.

The hurt that people are feeling is deep. It is so much deeper than the mere dislike of a president or a political preference. This is not even a Trump vs Clinton issue (that’s another story for another time). This pain and grief comes from the “statement” that has been spoken by the American people who voted this man into our presidency, and all that he stands for. This statement cuts deep to our core, and it goes against everything that our beloved country stands for.

“The American people have spoken, and we need to ‘get over it,’ accept the people’s choice and ‘unite'” (you say). Yet, a vote for Donald Trump was a vote “against unity,” against oneness, against respect of ethnic minorities, it was a vote against the respect of women, and so much more. Let us, with compassion, take a look at the heart issue…

More than half of the population did not vote. Hilary Clinton won the popular vote. Donald Trump won the electoral college vote. This is only the second time in history that a candidate who has won the popular vote did not make presidency. This means that most Americans did not vote for Donald Trump; for some, this may help to ease some of the pain. Still, let us look at the statement made by the American people who did vote for him and why so many precious people are hurting:

A vote for Donald Trump was a statement saying, “I support racism,” I support sexism.” I support abuse, the demeaning and belittling and disrespect of women, our veterans, homosexuals, the disabled, Muslims, Mexicans, and immigrants who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their families, just as our ancestors did. And let us please not forget that many Native American people were here on this land before it was taken from them, and they are still being treated as immigrants (again, another story for another time).

A vote for Donald Trump said, “Get out of our country you Mexicans and Muslims, you immigrants, we don’t want you here! And we are going to build a wall to keep you out! We don’t value you or your families or your lives.” Imagine for a moment, just how painful this statement is.

A vote for Donald Trump said, “We support the disrespect of women!” It said, ” We support looking the other way; we support sexual harassment and sexual abuse against women and girls!” It was a vote that further stabbed women in the deepest part of our hearts, after all we have fought against in this kind of treatment of our women for centuries. It said to women, “We don’t value you or your lives, or your progress.”

A vote for Donald Trump said, “We support the disrespect of our veterans who sacrificed and fought and put their very lives on the line for our freedom!”

It said, “We support the disrespect of those who are disabled and those who are mocked.”
And so much more.

Yes, a vote for Donald Trump said, “I support racism, sexism, bigotry, bullying, misogyny, abuse, sexual abuse, the disrespect of women, of homosexuality, of veterans and the disabled. It said, “I support hatred, inequality and division in the United States of America.

Now you say; “I didn’t vote for those things, I voted for the other things, but not those things.” And I am sure you feel this way, and I am sure that your heart is good, and your intentions were good… and I Love you, regardless. Yet even when, a vote for Donald Trump was in support of “whatever those ‘other’ things are,” it was also in support of all of the above. We cannot support the head without supporting the body.

Now, just, imagine, how this statement by the very Americans who are our brothers and sisters, our families and friends, our partners, our neighbors and our coworkers, hurts. Just for a moment, feel the compassion, and imagine, how deeply, this statement hurts. Yes, America has voted and has spoken, and this is what you’ve said. And, it, hurts.

And we grieve. Please allow us the space to grieve.

You are Loved… No matter what your vote or my vote reflects, we must continue to move from a space of Love, not hate and not fear… but Love.



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