In A World Where You Can Be Anything… Be Kind

Published January 12, 2017 by Jamie Barone

boy-447701_1920Heart-Thought for the day:

I’ve been thinking a lot today about the Trump children. You see, as I began to notice, with a new awareness, the increase in mockery, hate filled, downright cruel memes floating around out there of their father, Donald Trump, I began to think of how deeply hurt my own children would feel at seeing these about their own father, or of me (regardless of the type of person we each are). And I thought about how I, or any of us would feel at seeing these same images of hate and mockery aimed at our own parents, regardless of who or how they may be or the status of our relationship with them.

That would be so hurtful!

I felt instantly aware of the profound cruelty in this and truly want no part in it. In truth, my personal disdain for Donald Trump, or yours, does not give us the right to hurt people. It does not justify hurting conscious, feeling beings. And it only reveals our heart condition, not his. No, I don’t want to be a part of the pain, I want to be a part of the healing and a part of the Love.

And this, is where I see living in awareness beautifully flowing from my heart to yours.

Speaking our truth from a space of Love rather than fear or hate is the difference between harming and healing.

Let us be the Love.



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