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Published June 11, 2014 by Jamie Barone

all about perspectiveHow we see things, as you know, is all about perspective. And the way in which we see things, the way we personally interpret them, is always about what is inside of us and not about the other person, thing, or situation we are perceiving.

Our personal perceptions are born out of the sum total of our life experiences, our feelings of confidence or inadequacy, our feelings of security or fear, of our need to control outcomes or people (which is fear based) or of feelings of inner-peace and surrender… and the list goes on. Perception is always an inside job.

Isn’t that wonderful to know?

Changing our perceptions is profoundly life changing. Yes indeed, changing the way we see things, truly does change everything!

If we wish to change our perceptions, we needn’t change anything outside of us, it all has to happen on the inside of ‘us’, we simply work on our inner-selves; we heal that which needs healing (and we ALL have wounds requiring healing, not one of us escapes this), we open our hearts to the unending possibilities of our magnificent Universe, and we surrender our need to control. We learn to change our ‘thoughts’ which will change our ‘feelings’, which will change the way we view life, people, intentions, situations, our world. Truly. We learn to ‘let go’ of all that we cling so tightly to.


P.S. That said, even this post is simply my personal perspective and is open to change as I continue to evolve. 😉



Published April 11, 2014 by Jamie Barone

If we carry bricks from our past relationship(s) to the new one, we will simply build the same house… 

So often, men and women alike, wait until they have someone waiting in the wings before they finally leave a relationship they no longer want. It’s often out of a fear of being alone, and/or ciubeing unable to tap into that courage that we all posses. Yet, before jumping from one relationship right into another, let us think about doing all we can to first heal any wounds that need healing before entering in to a new relationship. Any wounds we incur from a painful relationship will simply make a grand appearance, sooner or later, in the new one. We don’t leave our baggage behind, we drag it with us – until we stop, open it up, take a good honest look, and clean it up, which takes time, effort, and awareness.

Going from one relationship to another without self-care/self-Love, and time alone in-between relationships to heal, to grow, spending time alone getting to know ourselves without the influence of another person or relationship commitment, may be necessary if we wish *not* to “repeat” our relationship history. This is especially important when we have children. It is not in their hearts best interest to see mommy or daddy going straight to another person–whether or not they say so, this affects them deeply as well. Children grieve the loss of all they know, even when it is a painful environment. Children need time to heal, too.

When we heal the wounds from our past, it changes everything–from how we react/respond, to how capable we are of truly Loving another, to how able we are to forgiving others–on and on it goes. This list of magic never ends. And truly… it can create the most Beautiful, magical, Love relationship ever even imagined.

Please, just think about it. It’s worth thinking about.


By Jamie Barone


Published March 27, 2014 by Jamie Barone

trrA genuine and simple “I am sorry” and “thank you” seem to mean a lot to me, personally… both when I express it and when it is expressed to me. I can’t help but to notice lately that these words do not come easily to so many. More and more these days, people seem unable to express a simple “I am sorry” or “thank you,” when it would be such a beautiful expression of care, of Love, of kindness, and, even healing is borne of these beautiful expressions.

I am sorry.

Thank you.

These feel to be so easily expressed, and yet, for some, so difficult when ego, pride, entitlement, and much else come into play.

When we say to someone “I am sorry,” it can come from understanding that we have behaved in a way that has caused someone hurt, whether or not we believe we have done something “wrong.” A genuine apology borne out of the care of another person and in how they are hurting is truly humbling and profoundly healing. This to me shows a most authentically beautiful heart.

And, a simple “thank you” feels to be a wonderful gift when someone blesses us in some way. There seems to be so much entitlement these days that we can gift another from a very special place in our heart and never even hear a thank you. This does not mean that we gift in order to receive, as that would no longer be a gift, but an expensive price tag. It only means that one’s lack of gratitude is revealed in the receiving, and, wouldn’t it be wonderful to express gratitude for such blessings in our lives?

Perhaps we can all be reminded of how beautiful and how healing, and how life changing a simple “I am sorry” and “thank you” can be.


© Jamie Barone

Authentic Love…

Published February 19, 2014 by Jamie Barone

“We need others. We need others to Love and we need to be Loved by them. There is no doubt that without it, we too, like the infant left alone, would cease to grow, cease to develop, choose madness and even death.” 
~Leo F. Buscaglia~

lovveI so very often think deeply about Love. About its effect on us and on the entire planet — on the entire Universe in fact (Uni-verse meaning ‘One Song’. I Love that!).

Love: it is truly why we are here. Unconditional Love being our highest calling… our greatest lesson learned. As soon as we see conditions attached to Love, we can know that this is not truly coming from a place of Love, as authentic Love has no conditions. Unconditional-Love is Love. Conditional-Love is not Love at all, it is something else, but it is not Love.

Now, this does not mean that we allow ourselves to be mistreated, ever. This simply means that even when we must walk away, we choose to Love… this means that we always Love, even when Loving from a safe distance those who would be harmful to our well-being. We always choose Love.

We can look around us and see such destruction in the mere presence of any lack of Love. Without it… we perish, literally our spirit dies… and without it, the entire world slowly perishes. LOVE… Love is not merely a word or a fantasy, a dream or wish… it is a need… it is the very core of our being. Love is who we really are. We don’t merely feel Love, we are Love! And, it is when we feel this majestic Love that we are actually tapping into who we truly are.

We can never be or give too much Love… so please, just keep giving out all of that beautiful, most precious gift of your Love. No strings attached, no price tag, no conditions… just pure Authentic LOVE. Fill the energy all around you… every heart you come in contact with, and continue on from there, extending it from your heart out into the world… into our One-Song/ Universe... Beautiful LOVE… 


By Jamie Barone

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