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Quiet the Storm…

Published April 26, 2014 by Jamie Barone

qsThere are times when storms come into our lives without warning. Like a ship lost out at sea, we can feel as though we’re being tossed to-and-fro, not knowing where this darkened and frightening storm is taking us… and feeling as though we are powerless to guide ourselves to safety, let alone knowing where to go or even how to get there.

It can feel dizzying, blinding, frightening, lonely – it can look as though there is no way out, no way to safely land ashore. But I want to tell you that no matter what storm you may be facing in your life today, I promise you this; IT WILL PASS!! You see, storms ‘never’ settle – they are always moving and ever changing – they can only ‘ever’ pass through.

Never forget that you are indeed a Divine Invincible Spirit that is stronger and more powerful than your human-ness can even comprehend. You are strong – you are mighty – you are amazingly capable of handling ANY storm!

You are Divine!

You are Spirit!

You are an Heir of our most High God!

Stand tall – stand strong – smile – put a sparkle back in those stunning eyes of yours; look that storm right in the eye and *know* it is already defeated! Don’t worry about this storm sinking you… it cannot sink you unless you give up and give in… don’t you dare!! You keep yourself afloat… you walk on that water and show it what you’re made of!!

Remember. Every. Storm. Will. Pass.

Every storm will pass, and that brilliant, magnificent sun will shine down upon your beautiful face once again…

And please know… you are NEVER alone!!


By Jamie Barone


Let go…

Published April 15, 2014 by Jamie Barone

“DON’T try to FORCE anything. Let life be a deep let-go. See God opening millions of flowers everyday without forcing the buds.” 
~ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ~

growThis to me is The Art of Surrender… Beautiful, full of Peace and Serenity. Bringing contentment and knowing that all is happening as it should be… each and every new bloom, as well as each and every thing that no longer serves us well, wilting away and moving out of our world.

Every single moment in our lives is happening for a reason, and not just for our own personal reason, but for all as a collective – like one tiny ripple creating a change and never-ending difference in the boundless ocean. That one tiny raindrop raises the entire ocean and the ‘entire ocean’ is never the same.

Life is so much bigger than us… there is SO much more to all we experience here on this Planet Earth. So. Much. More.

No matter where you are in your world, please be at peace knowing that every moment IS happening exactly as it is for a reason. There are no mistakes… no failures… only lessons and learning, and growing…

Life is precious… the lessons we learn and the growth they evoke are priceless. And remember that every single moment in your life is a chance at a new beginning. Every. Single. Moment.


By Jamie Barone

Divine Love…

Published April 5, 2014 by Jamie Barone

dldTo be Loved
To be Loved
Without restraint.


To know your Divine Lover,
To surrender to this presence,
This sanctuary…
This enlightened Love.
Open your heart…


Never stop believing.
Never resist.
We cannot resist Divine Love.
It comes to us.
It draws us in.

Bow before Love.
Surrender completely.
God is always saying yes
To this magical Love
Embrace it…

Let it fill your soul
With it’s all knowing,
All consuming
Invite it in…


© Jamie Barone

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