Strength in Softness…

Published April 3, 2015 by Jamie Barone

softTrue Story: I have been told that I am too soft and too gentle. Yes, it’s true, my voice is very soft and my ways are soft and gentle. And yes, I tend to handle situations from a tender heart and always with the intention of bringing peace… Always. I have been this way my entire life… it’s simply who I am.  And while these traits tend to seem weak to some people, please make no mistake about it… it takes tremendous strength to remain soft and gentle in this world. To remain peaceful in tough situations. To make a conscious effort in not allowing life’s hardships to harden one’s heart. To make the decision every… single… day… to forgive… and then to forgive again. To Love… Love… and then, Love some more. This doesn’t mean we always handle every situation perfectly, but our heart is always flowing in this intended space. There is a tremendous strength in softness and in gentleness. I assure you…

Yes, we need to be wary of those who would try to manipulate and take advantage of such souls, but again, we are mighty strong beings. We are not weak, nor are we easily fooled. We always know what we’re up against, whether or not we reveal this to the rest of the world. And we do so with grace and with the intention of Loving. Always…

Being harsh, abrasive, loud, aggressive, these are not where true strength lies, in fact, these characteristics are mostly drawn from fear of not being strong enough, born out of the need to control, and much more, but, not out of true strength. True strength does not need to reveal itself, it simply is. It simply is.

Please make no mistake about it… There is a profound strength in softness.



By Jamie Barone


2 comments on “Strength in Softness…

  • Who ever told you that you are too soft I would like to enlighten them. There is no such thing as too soft just as there is no such thing as too much Love. Air is soft and so is water like a cool breeze on a hot day or a nice warm bath but take heed they can both display sudden strength without notice like a powerful tornado or a tsunami they too can have great power in a flash. This goes back to the quote not to judge a book by it’s cover. Not all things that seem soft and gentle are weak by default. Appearances can be deceptive. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Soft seeming people can find strength in dark times and shine.

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