~ The Strength Of My Soul ~

Published April 14, 2015 by Jamie Barone

For those of you who are struggling, please know that you are not alone, and that these painful times will indeed pass. Don’t give up… Much Love to ALL.

~ The Strength Of My Soul ~when...

When darkness enveloped my every cell.
When slow motion entrapped me and time stood still.
When I could no longer see through the heavy haze,
And catching my breath was beyond the fiery blaze,
‘Twas then that the strength of my soul took over…

‘Twas then that the strength of my soul took over…

When my world around me fell away.
When my days and nights I could barely contain.
When my knees hit the ground in painful despair,
With my head bowed down in the deepest of prayer,
‘Twas then that the strength of my soul took over…

‘Twas then that the strength of my soul took over…

It’s been quite a long while since those days have elapsed,
Since time stood still and mere breath hard to grasp.
My world is now clear, full of wondrous Joys,
Full of Peace, Light and Love, and a story to unfold,
As I walk with the strength… the strength of my soul…

As I walk with the strength… The strength of my soul…

© Jamie Antoinette Barone

Strength in Softness…

Published April 3, 2015 by Jamie Barone

softTrue Story: I have been told that I am too soft and too gentle. Yes, it’s true, my voice is very soft and my ways are soft and gentle. And yes, I tend to handle situations from a tender heart and always with the intention of bringing peace… Always. I have been this way my entire life… it’s simply who I am.  And while these traits tend to seem weak to some people, please make no mistake about it… it takes tremendous strength to remain soft and gentle in this world. To remain peaceful in tough situations. To make a conscious effort in not allowing life’s hardships to harden one’s heart. To make the decision every… single… day… to forgive… and then to forgive again. To Love… Love… and then, Love some more. This doesn’t mean we always handle every situation perfectly, but our heart is always flowing in this intended space. There is a tremendous strength in softness and in gentleness. I assure you…

Yes, we need to be wary of those who would try to manipulate and take advantage of such souls, but again, we are mighty strong beings. We are not weak, nor are we easily fooled. We always know what we’re up against, whether or not we reveal this to the rest of the world. And we do so with grace and with the intention of Loving. Always…

Being harsh, abrasive, loud, aggressive, these are not where true strength lies, in fact, these characteristics are mostly drawn from fear of not being strong enough, born out of the need to control, and much more, but, not out of true strength. True strength does not need to reveal itself, it simply is. It simply is.

Please make no mistake about it… There is a profound strength in softness.



By Jamie Barone

On Speaking Up…

Published August 29, 2014 by Jamie Barone


An excerpt from my forthcoming book, Living From A Place of Authentic Love and Freedom, by Jamie Barone

“There was a time in my life, actually, most of my life, where I allowed myself to be a doormat. I allowed myself to be disrespected and mistreated. I would allow myself to be diminished and even excluded from things that I was a part of and were important to me without feeling that I could speak up for myself. 

I was easily intimidated. I was fearful of conflict or approaching anything important to me, as the negative judgments and belittlement of my feelings from others would crush me. I always allowed others to take front row, shine in the spotlight, and exclude me, while I patiently hid away in the shadows nowhere to be seen. I felt invisible.

I’m positive this was born out of my upbringing from a very young age, one in which I was not allowed to speak up for myself, one in which I lived in fear of erratic punishment, of angering another, of abandonment and rejection. This is not to blame another, but rather to understand where I go to shed light of truth upon the lies that were instilled in me. This removes any victim mentality and turns it into empowerment. I have the power in me, the right, the worth, the value, to speak up for myself… to Lovingly and courageously speak up for myself. Yes.

And as I grow in awareness and remain open to this growth, I continue to find more and more opportunities which bring to me the very lessons I need, in order to strengthen that courage and lose that fear of speaking up. Yes, during these moments, they may feel difficult, but as I move through them, as I learn and grow, as I take action through the fear, through the insecurity, I began to feel more and more empowered… more and more of who I truly am. And I can feel the broken pieces of my soul begin to come together again.

It is okay to be powerful.

It is okay to express yourself.

It is okay to shine.

It is okay to be you.”


What Is My Name?

Published August 13, 2014 by Jamie Barone

doeHello… hello… is anyone there?
Does anyone care?

Can you see me?
I am the face of despair.
I hide beneath these twinkling eyes
As I wonder who would care.

My Loves…
Can you hear me?
I am the voice of sadness.
I quietly hover beneath
The laughter and the madness.

Would somebody please hold me?
I outstretch my arms to you.
Or can this world never stop its scolding
And finally possess a Love that is true?

Life a thief in the night…
Darkness came to steal my light.
Quiet and afraid, as I sit all alone,
In a room that once held happiness,
I now feel only doom.

As this darkness overtakes me,
I can no longer find my way.
My reasons to live escape me.
And now death is my only solace.
‘Tis my only saving grace.

Hello… hello… is anyone there?
Can anyone care?

© Jamie Barone – 2014

In Loving Memory to all who lost their lives to the unrelenting, unbearable darkness.
I Love You.


Published June 11, 2014 by Jamie Barone

all about perspectiveHow we see things, as you know, is all about perspective. And the way in which we see things, the way we personally interpret them, is always about what is inside of us and not about the other person, thing, or situation we are perceiving.

Our personal perceptions are born out of the sum total of our life experiences, our feelings of confidence or inadequacy, our feelings of security or fear, of our need to control outcomes or people (which is fear based) or of feelings of inner-peace and surrender… and the list goes on. Perception is always an inside job.

Isn’t that wonderful to know?

Changing our perceptions is profoundly life changing. Yes indeed, changing the way we see things, truly does change everything!

If we wish to change our perceptions, we needn’t change anything outside of us, it all has to happen on the inside of ‘us’, we simply work on our inner-selves; we heal that which needs healing (and we ALL have wounds requiring healing, not one of us escapes this), we open our hearts to the unending possibilities of our magnificent Universe, and we surrender our need to control. We learn to change our ‘thoughts’ which will change our ‘feelings’, which will change the way we view life, people, intentions, situations, our world. Truly. We learn to ‘let go’ of all that we cling so tightly to.


P.S. That said, even this post is simply my personal perspective and is open to change as I continue to evolve.😉

Real Love…

Published April 26, 2014 by Jamie Barone

rl~ Real Love ~

Could you Love me
If I were different than you,
If my thoughts and feelings
Left much to understand?

Could you Love me,
Making no demands,
Allowing me to be
Exactly who I am?

Would you Love me
In the darkest night,
When life’s storms come crashing in,
And filling me with fright?

Could you hold me
If I asked you to?
Or would you be too busy,
Always so much to do?

Could you kiss me – so tenderly
If my face were no longer pretty?
Or would you feel the need to hide
Behind those beautiful blue eyes?

Could you Love me
When I let you down,
Or would you walk away
Tossing my heart on the ground?

Could you Love me
Till the end of time,
Or would your heart grow weary
Of Loving mine?

© Jamie Barone

Quiet the Storm…

Published April 26, 2014 by Jamie Barone

qsThere are times when storms come into our lives without warning. Like a ship lost out at sea, we can feel as though we’re being tossed to-and-fro, not knowing where this darkened and frightening storm is taking us… and feeling as though we are powerless to guide ourselves to safety, let alone knowing where to go or even how to get there.

It can feel dizzying, blinding, frightening, lonely – it can look as though there is no way out, no way to safely land ashore. But I want to tell you that no matter what storm you may be facing in your life today, I promise you this; IT WILL PASS!! You see, storms ‘never’ settle – they are always moving and ever changing – they can only ‘ever’ pass through.

Never forget that you are indeed a Divine Invincible Spirit that is stronger and more powerful than your human-ness can even comprehend. You are strong – you are mighty – you are amazingly capable of handling ANY storm!

You are Divine!

You are Spirit!

You are an Heir of our most High God!

Stand tall – stand strong – smile – put a sparkle back in those stunning eyes of yours; look that storm right in the eye and *know* it is already defeated! Don’t worry about this storm sinking you… it cannot sink you unless you give up and give in… don’t you dare!! You keep yourself afloat… you walk on that water and show it what you’re made of!!

Remember. Every. Storm. Will. Pass.

Every storm will pass, and that brilliant, magnificent sun will shine down upon your beautiful face once again…

And please know… you are NEVER alone!!


By Jamie Barone


Published April 22, 2014 by Jamie Barone

“It is not necessary to isolate children and withdraw our love to teach them how to “behave”. In fact, it is entirely possible to help children learn to be cooperative and decent members of society without ever issuing punishments, rewards, or artificial consequences of any kind. No quick and easy method will solve every conflict. Instead, we need to treat each situation as the unique challenge that it is, and try to be flexible and creative, all the while giving our children the love and respect they deserve.”

-Aletha Solter

puI absolutely believe in this… wholeheartedly. I live this and find that there is never a need for punishment in order to teach, in order for a child to learn, in order to turn a behavior around. In fact, children LOVE when we take the time to gently teach them and help them to learn new ways of handling situations, new ways of handling their emotions – it empowers them in a most wonderful way – it lifts them up, rather than tear them down – it fills them with hope and healthy self-esteem, rather than shame and condemnation. They SO LOVE to please us and make us proud… and they SO LOVE to learn and to become empowered. And more importantly, they Love to give and receive LOVE like no other being on this planet. Punishment does not teach anything… other than… well… punishment.



By Jamie Barone


Published April 22, 2014 by Jamie Barone

observationA person’s energy can tell you more about them than their own words: Absolutely! Without a doubt! 100%! I could go on and on about this, but I’ll be brief… 

It is so very important to be in tune with our intuition, the voice of our soul. We ALL have one, it is simply a matter of being aware. 

There are those of us who are extremely sensitive and fully aware of the various energy frequencies. Some call this a “gift” and others call it a “curse,” but either way, it is of tremendous help in clarifying the energy emanating from people, places, material possessions, and even experiences, early on. And, for those who are not in touch with this “gift,” please know that this can be learned, we all have this ability. Meditation and Prayer can really help in the area of tapping into “feeling” or “reading” various energies clearly. This observation, and learning to listen to the voice of guidance within, is truly life changing.

Just a li’l FYI. 


By Jamie Barone

Never Enough Time… ?

Published April 18, 2014 by Jamie Barone

“The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention.” 
– Thich Nhat Hanh 

nnThis is something I have always known, and in truth, I’ve always prided myself in this area (self-righteous might be a more appropriate word to use), always making sure not to neglect anyone or any relationship that is important to me.

Well, pride is a tricky thing, friends, yes it is, as it has found a way to slap me right in the smacker! Oh yes it did! You see, as a single mommy still trying to regain my balance (though happily so), I have found myself to become increasingly busy with various, very important aspects of my life. With no family, all of my close friends having moved away and living in other states, this single parenting responsibility/Joy can really take a toll at times, on my, well… Time.

I, the one who has always been there for everyone at the drop of a hat, have suddenly found myself unable to do so. And, while this is a bit of a shock therapy to me, please imagine the shock to those who were so use to my unending attention. That’s right folks… I, Jamie Barone, am now unable to be all things to all people at all times. Whew!

The positive side of this equation is that I have learned who my true friends are; those who authentically care about me and those who never did. For those who have not given up on me, oh how I thank you… oh how grateful I am for you.

While I am learning to healthily balance my time and to make sure I do not neglect those who I Love and care about, I have indeed learned that I must take care of myself first if I want to have any energy to expend anywhere else, including the most important people and relationships in my life.

Learning and growing… and grateful for each and every moment, and each and every person who holds a special place in my heart.

I Love You…


By Jamie Barone

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